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Release notes:

* Now software works with new flash loaders – new Nokia protocol –
* Supported Rapu Yama phones – FBUS and USB flashing tested on 5630 and 6700
* Supported RAP3v4 phones – USB flashing tested on Nokia X3 (FBUS work in progress)
* All older phones must be supported too
* Added all DCT4+ patch files released till today
* Latest USB drivers included

Some limitations in this beta:

* Content conversion may be not work with new flash loaders (64k to 128k)
* USB flashing supported only from DEAD MODE USB
* RAP3V4 phones (Nokia X3) only USB flash is supported
* APE USB flashing with new protocol may be not work

Please note:

Before install new setup you need to uninstall old one (backup your important files first),
or just rename old c:\Program Files\GriffinTeam\MT-Box\ to c:\Program Files\GriffinTeam\MT-Box_old\

Release notes:

New supported models and versions for DCT4+ patch unlock:

* 2760 RM-258 – v3.62
* 5000 RM-362 – v5.45, v6.31
* 2660 RM-292 – v5.62
* 2760h RM-391 – v6.83

Added patch files for the following DCT4+ versions:

* V_03_62_12_07_07_RM_258__c__Nokia.flp
* V_05_45_11_12_08_RM_362__c__Nokia.flp
* V_05_62_02_07_08_RM_292__c__Nokia.flp
* V_06_31_24_03_09_RM_362__c__Nokia.flp
* V_06_83_27_09_08_RM_391__c__Nokia.flp

This patch update contain all new + all previously added patch files

Please note:
We are in BETA testing phase with NEW Nokia FLASH LOADERS, so MT Box users can expect it supported in next MTB NK update (next week)

MT Box Nokia – MTB NK v2.11

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Release note:


* Unlock button says no WOTP activation
* Removed SL3 phone check because mtb_nk.exe incorrectly identifies 5800 as SL3 phone

Please note:

We does not send any email with update news to our customers.
About all news you can be informed in next ways:

* If you follow Griffin Team on Twitter

MT Box Nokia module activation for MT SonyEricsson and MT RED (Siemens)

Any MT Box model can be extended with additional modules, this allows you to use features from other MT Box models.
Example if you have MT Box SonyEricsson or MT Box RED you can activate additional MT Box Nokia module.
In this case you can use all software designed for MT Box Nokia on your existing MT Box SonyEricsson or MT Box RED.
To activate any module in 1 minute you need to have “GT server” , “MT Box PRO” or “MT Box” account with enough credits.
Module activation will be paid with 100 credits from your “GT server” , “MT Box PRO” or “MT Box” account.
After activation from your server or box account WILL BE DEDUCTED 100 credits and selected MT-Box will be ready MT Box Nokia module activation.

Please note:
Module activation process is irreversible, means once activated module cant be deactivated from your box.

Accounts which can be used for this activation:

* GT server full access accounts
* MT PRO accounts
* BOX account

Credits needed for activation:

* 100 credits

MT-Box MT SE Suite v1.2

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Release notes:

- MT SE suite v1.2 contain all MT box SonyEricsson supported software at one place
- New MT SE software versions for MT Box v2 which have problem: Connection Failed 0002
- Software included in MT SE Suite:

ARM inside v2.3
AVR inside v1.8
C62 inside v1.1
CR 16B inside v1.1
DB2020 inside v7.1
DB3xxx inside v3.8
LG inside v1.5
MT2COM v1.2
New ARM inside v2.9
Sharp inside v1.4
Symb inside v1.9

MTBOX Ver 2.0 Latest Update Ready !!!

BB5+ RAPS_V3.02/3 PA SL2 Direct Unlock

5220 (RM-411)
5310 (RM-303)
6600Fold (RM-325)
6600S (RM-414)
6600S-2 (RM-415)
7210Supernova (RM-436)
7210Supernova (RM-379)
7510Supernova (RM-398)
7610Supernova (RM-354)
N86_8MP (RM-484)
(check official support forum, there may be more)

Costs MT BB5 SL20 10 Credits Per Unlock

MT Box Nokia – MTB NK v1.60 setup

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Release notes:

* Added support for FBUS flashing “RAPU-YAMA” phones : E52, 6700, 5630 etc…
* Fixed number of files that can be flashed to new BB5 phones.
* Changes regard to E71, E66 flashing. For those phones, in ‘Automatic actions while flashing’ option ‘Low level format before Content’ must be checked.

For BB5 phones, this option will restart phone in Normal Mode after MCU flash, and execute ‘low level format’ this is needed in order for phone to normally flash PPM.
Because this phones uses a lot of power it might be unable to restart in Normal Mode. In such case we recommend the following procedure as work around:

Solution 1:

1. Flash just MCU Flash file (check MCU checkbox only).
2. Put battery in phone and start.
3. Wait 10 seconds after it powers on.
4. Connect to MT and flash the other files ( uncheck MCU box, and check boxes for other files).
5. Flashing should proceed normally, and after flash phone will be in local or test mode.

Solution 2:

Connect original Nokia charger to MT, this could help phone to start in normal mode.

* New supported models and versions for DCT4+ patch unlock:

* 2680s RM-392 – v6.17
* 2680s RM-392 – V56.17
* 2720f RM-519 – v8.20
* 2323c RM-543 – v8.20
* 2330c RM-512 – v8.20

* Added patch files for the following DCT4+ versions:

* V_06_17_10_03_09_RM_392__c__Nokia.flp
* V_56_17_24_03_09_RM_392__c__Nokia.flp
* V_08_20_30_06_09_RM_519__c__Nokia.flp
* V_08_20_30_06_09_RM_543__c__Nokia.flp
* V_08_20_30_06_09_RM_512__c__Nokia.flp

Unlock price reduced to 2 credits per phone (price about 1 euro)
Imei C H A N G E price 2 credits per phone (price about 1 euro)