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Martech RCD Tools RCD

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Martech RCD Tools RCD

What’s new:

– Becker BE 0779 Grant Prix [24c02]
– Becker BE 1145 [85c82 -> 24c02]
– Becker BE 1146 [85c82 -> 24c02]
– Becker BE 1320 Grand Prix 2000 [85c82 -> 24c02]
– Becker BE 1330 [85c83 -> 24c02]
– Becker BE 1470 Mexico CC [85c81]
– Becker BE 1650 [85c82 -> 24c02]
– Becker BE 1688 [85c82 -> 24c02]
– Becker BE 2230 Grand Prix [85c82 -> 24c02]
– Becker BE 2235 Grand Prix [24c04]
– Becker BE 2237 Grand Prix [24c04]
– Becker BE 3100 [24c04]
– Becker BE 3133 [24c02]
– Becker BE 3200 [24c04]
– Becker BE 4113 [24c02]
– Becker BE 4513 [24c04]
– Becker BE 4613 [24c02]
– Becker BE 4710 [24c04]
– Becker BE 4716 [24c04]
– Becker BE 4720 [24c04]
– Becker BE 4730 [24c04]
– Becker BE 4769 [24c04]
– Becker BE 6045 [24c04]
– Becker BE 6046 [24c04]
– Becker BE 6053 [24c04]
– Becker BE 6054 [24c04]
– Becker BE 7044 [24c04]
– Mercedes Audio 10 CD MF 2910 by Alpine [24c04]

Memory dumps for above radios are available under download manager.

Latest RCD:

Be ready! For next updates :-)
Martech Team
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MDM V3.0.1.0 – MiFi added

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

MDM V3.0.1.0 – MiFi added


MDM Service Tools V3.0.1.0 – MiFi added

New models supported for UnLock:

– Huawei MiFi : E5830, E5832, E5836, E5838, E5857

We are looking for not supported modems, do you have any ?
Then feel free to contact us on

Download it:

Martech Team
MARTECH Team – Official WebSite

Martech SBS V3.0.0.7 – IBM passwords

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Martech SBS Tools V3.0.0.7 – IBM passwords supported

What’s new:

New laptops supported for Bios password recovery:

IBM Thinkpad laptops :
A20m, A20p, A21e, A21m, A21p, A22e, A22m, A22p, A30, A30p, A31, A31p
R30, R31, R32, R40, R40e, R50, R50e, R50p, R51, R51e, R52, R60, R60e
R60i, R61, R61e, R61i, R400, R500
X20, X21, X22, X23, X24, X30, X31, X32, X40, X41, X41, X60, X60s, X60
X61, X61s, X61 , X100e, X200, X200s, X200si, X200, X201, X201i, X201s
X201, X300, X301
T20, T21, T22, T23, T30, T40, T40p, T41, T41p, T42, T42p, T43, T43p, T60
T60p, T61, T61p, T400, T400s, T410, T410i, T410s, T500, T510, T510i, Z60m
Z60t, Z61e, Z61m, Z61p, Z61t

Following operations are possible:
– Read EEprom memory from laptop
– Write EEprom memory to laptop
– Open EEprom dump and show PASSWORD
– Default security

Read/Write works on Box, Clip and Keys with FTDI interface.
Connection pinouts will be available through Support Download Manager.

New laptops supported for Bios passwords generating via serial:

New Battery Repair drivers:
– BQ 8011 [24c01]
– Possibility to select desired capacity

Application is payable, it cost 39 EUR / 52 USD
SBS is FREE for Martech Analyzer users ! (user must have Box2+/Clip/Lite/Key)

Martech RCD Tools V2.1.10.1 – VDO Dayton MS 4200

What’s new:

– Audi Symphony 8L0035195 auz5z4 [S220->93C56]
– Blaupunkt Freestyler [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sacramento SQR29 BP9840 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Saint Malo RCM127 BP8764 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Aantonio BP0560 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Diego DJ INL BP6713 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Diego DJ PAK AUS BP6931 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Diego DJ PAK INL BP6930 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Francisco ACD01 BP0910 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Francisco CD70 BP0820 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Francisco CD72 BP1808 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Francisco CD72 US BP2808 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Francisco RDM127 BP7873 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San FranciscoO RDM169 BP8662 [SN]
– Blaupunkt San Remo RD127 BP5558 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Santa Cruz CD32 BP2178 panel [SN]
– Blaupunkt Santa Monica C50 BP0230 panel [SN]
– Blaupunkt Santa Monica CD30 BP0175 panel [SN]
– Blaupunkt Seattle RDM169 BP8650 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sevilla CD42 BP2794 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sevilla CD43 BP2793 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sevilla RD104 BP3794 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sevilla RD126 BP6825 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sevilla RDM126 BP6825 [SN]
– Blaupunkt ST.Louis SQR29 BP9845 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stockholm RCM104 BP3777 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stockholm RCM126 BP6810 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stockholm RCM128 BP8811 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stockholm RCR42 BP2777 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stockholm RCR42 BP2779 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Stuttgart BP9881 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sydney RCM126 BP6800 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sydney RCM126 US BP7800 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sydney RCM126W BP6802 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sydney RCM128 BP8801 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Sydney RCM85 BP4380 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Washington SQR49 BP9881 [SN]
– Honda 1TN2 6CD 39100 S9A A601 CQ-EH 84610LC [S530->93c76]
– Mercedes Becker Traffic Pro BE 4720 [24c04]
– Pioneer DEH M6127ZH [br9010->93c46R]
– Renault Cabasse Auditorium Tronic RENRDW 271-xx [SN]
– VDO Dayton MS 4200 [i2c]

Martech RCD Tools V2.1.9.0 – CDR2005 via K-Line added

What’s new:

– CDR 2005(E) by Delco [K-line]
– Blaupunkt Vancouver RCR44 BP3782 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Vancouver SQR49 BP9850 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Verona CR31 BP1770 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Verona CR43 BP2752 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Verona RCR127 BP6714 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Verona RCR45 BP5703 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Verona RCR45 BP6705 [SN]
– Blaupunkt VIENNA RCR46P BP6430 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Viking TMC148 BP7988 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Viking TMC148 DK BP8989 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Washington DJ70 BP0908 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Washington RCM127 BP6822 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Washington SQR49 BP9881 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Wien RD127 CD BP5557 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Wiesbaden CM41 BP1390 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Wiesbaden CM84 BP3390 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Wiesbaden RCM85 BP5730 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Wiesbaden RCR148 BP7722 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Windsor RCM127 BP7713 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Windsor RCR84 BP3772 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB54 BP4708 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Woodstock DJ AUS BP7734 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Woodstock DJ INL BP7731 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Woodstock DJ PAK AUS BP7931 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Woodstock DJ SET BP7930 [SN]
– Blaupunkt Zurich RCR26P BP6432 [SN]
– Clarion BL4C 66 9S0 RT-9418G [93c46]
– Kenwood KDC PS 9080 R [24c01]
– Medion MD 41400 [24c32]
– Mercedes Benz SOUND 4024 BP5001 24V [SN]
– Mercedes Benz SOUND 4024 BP7005 24V [SN]
– Mercedes Benz SOUND 6024 BP5000 24V [SN]
– Philips 22DC449 [i2c]

Martech RCD Tools V2.1.8.0 – Gamma V by Sony full codes support

What’s new:

– VW Gamma V VWZ3Z3 1J0 035 186D by Sony [24c04]

With this exclusive update you can read out original radio code on VW Gamma V by Sony.
Full range from 0000-1999 is available. How to do it?
Procedure is simple – read out memory, open file and use Read Code button.

Other radios added in V2.1.8.0:

– BMW Bavaria C22 RDS BP3836 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– BMW BUSINESS CD RDS CD23 BP3850 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– BMW BUSINESS CD RDS CD23 BP6270 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– BMW BUSINESS RDS BP3838 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– BMW BUSINESS RDS C23 ZIS BP3838 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– BMW Reverse C23 ZIS BP8266 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– BMW Reverse RDS C22 BP3836 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– BMW Reverse RDS C22 BP4836 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– BMW Reverse RDS C52 BP6260 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– BMW Reverse RDS C52 BP6262 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Ford Casablanca RCM85 BP6737 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan A BP2773 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan A BP2783 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan A BP6340 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan A SPAN BP6341 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan B BP6345 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan B BP6345 IMMO by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan B SPAN BP6346 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan BP2776 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan BP2785 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan BP3775 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan BP4776 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan BP6440 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan C BP6350 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan LOW LHD BP9340 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan LOW RHD BP9342 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan MOD B BP3770 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan MOD B BP3771 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan MOD B GELB BP2772 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Nissan MOD C BP2775 by Blaupunkt [SN]
– Renault 22DC279 [SN]

Martech RCD Tools V2.1.5.0

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

RCD Tools V2.1.5.0

New models supported :
– BMW CD53 R50 by Alpine Disabled off [24c32]
– Blaupunkt Car 2003 (F) 7 649 200 321 [HC05B16]
– Blaupunkt Car 2003 (F) 7 649 200 323 [HC05B16]
– Mercedes Audio 5 CQ L3720L by Panasonic v2 [93c46]
– Philips 22DC511 [i2c]
– Seat Aura 1M0 035 186K sez2y6 [i2c]
– Skoda MS 411A by Grundig [HC11KA4]
– VDO CR223 [24c16]
– VDO CR223 24V [24c16]
– VW Beta 4 vwz2z2 1H0 035 152 by Grundig [SN]

RCD Tools – actual supported model list

How to get this V2.1.5.0 ? It’s simply – run rcd.exe and process of self update will begin
or download it from

RCD currently supports more than 1000 various models, check it out at:


Monday, February 1st, 2010

Martech MDM Service Tools V2.0.2.1

New models supported:

– Huawei E1550 (from Kyivstar with version V11.608.12.02.174)
unlock/relock innovative solutions
– Huawei E1823 unlock/relock Innovative solutions
– Huawei E181 unlock/relock Innovative solutions
– Huawei E1800 unlock/relock Innovative solutions
– Huawei E1790 unlock/relock Innovative solutions
– Huawei E175 unlock/relock Innovative solutions
– O2 Surf box mini unlock/relock Innovative solutions
– O2 Surfstick black unlock/relock Innovative solutions
– O2 Surfstick unlock/relock Innovative solutions
– O2 Surfstick II unlock/relock Innovative solutions
– O2 Loop surfsick unlock/relock Innovative solutions
– Searching com ports improved – now should work more faster and easier

How to get this V2.0.2.1 ? It’s simply – run mdm.exe and process of self update will begin
or downlad it from

Martech RCD V2.1.0.0

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

– Audi Concert 2+ A3 EU AB-2 AUZ1Z3 by Blaupunkt [SPI]
– Audi Concert AUZ5Z3 CQ-LA1621L by Matsu****a [S220]
– Honda 1TN1 6CD CQ-EH8261LC by Matsu****a [93c46]
– Peugeot PSA RD4 N1-00 by VDO [24c64]
– Philips 22DC461 [SN]
– Philips 22DC461 [i2c]
– Seat SE 350 MP3 LHD S BRILL SEZ1Z3 by Blaupunkt [95640]
– Smart CD MC7611 [24c08]
– Smart Radio CD (S) MC 4316 by Grundig [24c08]
– VW Colorado Radio US 7L6035180 vwz4z7 by Delco [i2c]
– VW Colorado Radio US 7L6035180 vwz4z7 by Delco [24c16]
– VW RCD 200 5Z0 035 152 B vwz4z4 [i2c]
– VW RCD 200 by Delco vwz4z4 v.2 [24c16]

How to get this V2.1.0.0 ? It’s simply – run rcd.exe and process of self update will begin
or download it from

RCD currently supports 950 various models, check it out at:

Martech Alcatel free NCK calc + DST

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

ALC3 Service Tools

This is new module for servicing Alcatel phones.
It’s free for ALC activations owners.
Tool works on: Martech Box II plus, Martech Box Lite, MARTECH Clip and Martech Key.

Major function:
– calculating NCK & SPCK codes (depends on model)
– actual provider list with codes stored on “Provider’s list” bookmark
– the whole process is based on typing imei number or provider / net code

Supported models:

– C551, C552, C652, C750
– S215, S218, S319, S320, S321 (no need to enter net code / provider id)
– S853 (no need to enter net code / provider id)

New models are on the way, be ready for next updates.
ALC3 might be purchased as normal activation with end price 39euro.

Notice for Key users: you can buy and activate ALC Tools but for that time
from ALC-ALC2-ALC3 family only ALC3 works on Key (ALC2 and com port functions will
be added ASAP).


The list of models added to the newest update:
– Dacia Solentza Sagem [NEC_D780973]
– Dacia Logan 2004-2005 Sagem [93c56]
– Dacia Logan 2007-2008 [25020]
– Saab 9-3 Bosch 2003 [24c02]
– Saab 9-3 Bosch [24c04]
– Saab 9-3 Bosch [24c08]
– Saab 9-5 2004 [24c02]
– Saab Sport Sedan 2004 [24c02]
– Saab 9-3 1995-2000 [93c46]
– Saab 9-5 1995-2000 [93c46]
– Saab 9-5 Yazaki [93c56]
– Porsche Boxster 2001 [93c86]
– Porsche 996 2001 [93c86]
– Porsche Cayenne 2001-2005 [24c08]
– Porsche Boxster 1996-2001 [93c56]
– Porsche 996 1997-2001 [93c56]
– Porsche 928 1991-1995 [93c46]
– Porsche 997 [93c86]
– Porsche 966 2003 [93c86]
– Porsche 991 [93c86]
– Porsche Boxster 2001 [93c86]
– Mercedes E Class W211 VDO 2002 Dash [24c17]
– Mercedes C Class W203 VDO 2003-2004 Dash [24c16]
– Mercedes CLK Class W208 VDO 2002 Dash [24c16]
– Mercedes CLK Class W209 VDO 2004 Dash [24c16]