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whats new ?

MTK6572 Android add ADB backup factory file
MTK6572 Android backup factory file generate SCATTER file (support NAND+EMMC) ( Hot Solution )
Adjust MTK Android Imei Repair (new method)
Android tool update
Android tool Manual

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Special thanks to Dipendr for manual

UART Clip!!!

Monday, December 30th, 2013


what’s new ?

*Added Nokia 108 Read Flash

*Added Nokia 108 Write Flash

*Added Nokia 108 Format
* MTK6582 IMEI Repair added

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GSMSP | Nokia 108 Combo cable by GPGIndustries

Important Info:
You must use This Flash file to Flash phone !!

You must use this Drivers

You must Uninstall All Nokia Drivers and then install it. if it create problems then you must install it Manually. here is pinouts .

How to Flash ?
Simply Goto MTK TAB
Select 625a
Select Flash file
Select USB Mode
Run & Done

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Whats new ?
infact every thing is new 😉

GPGeMMC 1.05

Added Samsung I9500 Imei Repair ( any imei )
Supported Samsung I9500 Super imei & Any imei both
Added These models for Pattern unlock without Data lost

Added World’s 1st “Show [CSD infomation] windows”

GPGeMMC Now Supported I9500 Imei Repair/Change ( Super imei & Any Imei Both )

Here is Video how you can do it…

Details about it.

you have to make sure your phone firmware is not high than 4.2.2 ( we supported imei repair till 4.2.2 ). you have to root your phone. after root make sure usb debug is on and connect phone with original samsung usb cable. open GPGeMMC software and click on Signal Repair and do wait after software finish now you can repair/change imei to any number… YES any desire number of your choice. for doing this after signal repair you have to power on phone and use SPECIAL IMEI REPAIR cable. connect cable to phone in powered on condition and install drivers if needed. go to device manager and find what port is it make. now go to software do scan port and select proper port and write imei of your desire click on unlock and restart phone and do it. after phone restarted your phone’s imei will be repaired/changed.
Please note if your phone is 4.3 then you have to downgrade. Please use Memory Card Flashing to downgrade phone keep in mind that original platform can’t downgrade it. if it’s need imei change then you must use super imei for this.
How to use super imei ?
downgrade phone to 4.2.2. put phone into download mode and use EFS repair after click on super imei and tick unlock and restart phone and do it. suggestions do not use 4.3 after repair by repair card. better use 4.2.2. else you can repair/change imei. don’t worry if your phone have not imei or not baseband after repair signal. just flash the phone it will solve it.

KEY Features List:


Supported more than 1100 Models
Supported more than 76 Type of Different Cpu
Automatic JTAG Pinout Finder
Manual JTAG pinout Selector
Auto Flash file Size Detection
Network Unlock
Model Selector
Model Searcher
Embedded Pinouts
Model Select by Brand

Jtag Model Supported list can be Found here
Jtag Cpu Supported model list can be found here


More than 130 eMMC Ic Supported
Insertion Test
Blank Check Test
Read/Write & Verify
Vcc Volts Manually Section
Speed of Ic control
eMMC IC Selection by Manufacturers
eMMC ic Selection by Search
eMMC ic Selection by Ic Name
Direct eMMC ic Read/Write & Erase
Manually Full Dump Writer
Automatic Full Dump Writer
Selectable User/Boot1/Boot2/Ext_CSD Read & Write
Selectable Area for Read & Write & Erase
Read Detailed info
Automatic Check Black Space check after Erase

eMMC Support Ic list can be found from here


Definition of ISP:

with ISP you can Read / Write / Erase etc to Direct eMMC ic without Unsold it. We have Provided ISP pinouts in it. you just sold wires and do your work. You don’t need to Unsold eMMC ic then Sold eMMC ic to any External JIG and write/Repair then Unsold it from Jig and Sold back to phone. this is most risky procedure. So you don’t have to worry about it. just Sold Wires directly to Phone PCB pinouts which we provide and do you work.

More than 58 eMMC ISP Phones Supported ( World’s Maximum ISP Supported )
Blank Check Test
Read/Write & Verify
Vcc Volts Manually Section
Vcc Volts Default
Speed of Ic control
ISP Pinouts Selection by Brand
ISP Pinouts Selection by Search
ISP Pinouts Selection by Model Name
Direct eMMC ic Read/Write & Erase via ISP pinouts
Manually Full Dump Writer
Automatic Full Dump Writer
Selectable User/Boot1/Boot2/Ext_CSD Read & Write
Selectable Area for Read & Write & Erase
Read Detailed info
Automatic Check Black Space check after Erase

ISP Supported model list can be found here


Repair Tool

Imei Repair
Network Unlock
Super Imei
Change Imei
Signal Repair
EFS Repair
MEID Repair
Serial number repair
DAta of Production change
Bluetooth Address repair
Wifi Address repair
Product Code
Hardware Version
More than 60 Model Supported

Imei Repair – Unlock – EFS Repair Supported models list can be found here

Pattern Lock

Supported 139 Models for Pattern Unlock without Data lost
Keep User’s Pattern Lock Data

Pattern Lock Supported models list can be found here

Flashing Tool

Use Factory Flash files
One-While_Packege Flashing
Clear Efs
Auto Restart


Make I9300/N7100 etc Repair Dead Boot card

How to Make Repair Boot Dead Card & how to use it can be found here

How to Repair No Product Code of N7100 Samsung Note 2

More details can be found here

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Update History can be Found here
GPGEMMC Supported models list / Tutorials / Manuals / Videos etc All in one Place
GPGEMMC Box Successfully Unlocked / Repaired / Flashed Phones !!!
☼ GPGIndustries Presents The New Revolutionary EMMC Box.◄GPGEMMC► Updated on 04 Dec

NCK Dongle v14.0 Rocking Update Released

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013


Motorola Iden – US Activation Required – Contact Your Reseller For price.

• Unlock CNS Old
• Unlock CNS New
“Unlock CNS New” for:

• i296 (new v37 07-02-2010)
• All i410
• i465 (v20 and higher)
• i855e
• i412 (new Jan 2012)
• i475 (new Jan 2012, requires USB cable with 9v)

“Unlock CNS Old” for:

• i290
• i335
• i425
• i776
• i465 (V19 and older)

“Unlock CNS New” for:
• i296 (new v37 07-02-2010)
• All i410
• I465

“Unlock CNS Old” for:
• i290
• i335
• i425
• i776

SonyEricsson Xperia Flasher Free To All Dongle Users

Supported Models For Flash/Repair/Unlock:

Arc S
SE Xperia Pro
MK16a, SE MT11i
SE MT15i
SE Xperia Mini Pro
SE SK17i
SE Xperia Play
SE R800
SE Xperia Arc
SE Xperia Arco
SE Xperia Ray
SE Xperia Min
SE ST15i,
SE Xperia Active
SE ST17i
SE Xperia Ray
SE ST18i
Xperia X10 Mini
Xperia X10 Mini Pro
Xperia X8
Xperia W8
Xperia X10
Xperia X10i
Xperia X10a
Docomo SO-01B

ZTE Modems – Free To All Dongle User

MF100 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF112 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF190 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF330 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF332 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF335 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF60 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF616 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF620 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF622 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF626 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF627 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF628 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF630 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF633 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF635 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF636 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF637 – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF637U – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.
MF60 Router – Read Info/Unlock/Read Dashboard/Write Dashboard.

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Best Regards

NCK Team

MTK Android added MTK6582 support(Boot V7.1324)
Adjust ADB clear pattern lock/phone lock
Adjust ADB Root, added new phones supported

You can find alot of info regarding GPGeMMC here
GPGEMMC Support / Tutorials / Manuals / Videos etc All in one Place

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Nokia 108 Combo cable by GPGIndustries!!!

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Whats new ?

Volcano v2.4.1
Adjust SPD 6531 Format
Adjust MTK6572 Read infor(solve 6572+NAND can’t read partition)
Added Coolsand BootB Read password
SPD Android added new flash support
Android smart phone MTK6572 added Imei Change(under Andriod imei and choose new Algo.)

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