Volcano iNFERNO Unitool V1.0.7 World’s 1st INTEL PTEST MODE & Add New QUALCOMM & More




Inferno Team Really Happy to Release
New Module for Volcano Box, Inferno Users
Inferno Uni Tool – The Game Changer !!

This is Universal Tool Supported Many brands & Models & CPU. All Inferno Activated users
can use this “Uni-tool” without any EXTRA ACTIVATION. it’s TOTALLY

All NON Active Volcano Box Users can use ALL INFERNO Modules FREE till 01-

Inferno Uni tool Ver 1.0.7 (beta)

  • Added More Cpu to Support
    • QUALCOMM MSM8996
    • QUALCOMM MSM8929
      • Total Supported Cpu
        • QUALCOMM MSM8916
        • QUALCOMM MSM8937
        • QUALCOMM MSM8939
        • QUALCOMM MSM8953
        • QUALCOMM MSM8956
        • QUALCOMM MSM8974
        • QUALCOMM MSM8612
        • QUALCOMM MSM8976
        • QUALCOMM MSM8994
        • QUALCOMM MSM8992
        • QUALCOMM MSM8X10
        • QUALCOMM MSM8x12
        • QUALCOMM MSM8909
        • QUALCOMM MSM8212
        • QUALCOMM MSM8226
        • QUALCOMM MSM8626
        • QUALCOMM MSM8926
        • QUALCOMM MSM8228
        • QUALCOMM MSM9817
        • QUALCOMM MSM8610
        • QUALCOMM MSM8628
        • QUALCOMM MSM8928
        • QUALCOMM MSM8210
        • QUALCOMM MSM8996
        • QUALCOMM MSM8929
        • iNFERNO Unitool is only Tool Which Support More cpu than any other

  • Added World’s 1st Support of Intel Cpu – Exclusive Support in Infero UniTool Only !!
    • List of Intel Cpu Supported by Inferno
      • INTEL Z8300
      • INTEL N3000
      • INTEL PMB 8018
      • INTEL PMB 8012
      • INTEL Z3735G
      • INTEL Z3735F1
    • Function Supported for those Cpu in Inferno UniTool:
      • Repair “Intel Cpu” PTEST MODE V1.4X
      • Repair “Intel Cpu” PTEST MODE Vc1.7X
    • How to do ?
      • Connect Intel cpu tablet or phone in PTEST Mode with Pc
      • Make sure drivers are correctly installed
      • open Inferno unitool Click on Tools -> ADB FASTBOOT RSTOOLS
      • now Please check what your tablet or phone ask for is it
        • Showing PTEST MODE V1.4X on screen
        • or Showing PTEST MODE Vc1.7x on screen
      • Please select what your tablet showing on screen
      • done.. tablet or phone will restart and problem will be solved.
    • Logs:
      • Code:
        >>Repair “Intel Cpu” PTEST Mode V1.4x…
        >>If stuck here more than 1 minute,check phone connect to computer in right mode
        >>Repair “Intel Cpu” PTEST Mode V1.4x Success
  • World’s 1st Added Qualcomm Phones Auto Restart into Normal Mode after any operation.

    • What is it ?
      • This is very usefull specially to those phones which have built-in battery. what it’s do. it’s simply phone restart to normal
        state & leave EDL Mode.
      • Means Simple. After Read Flash, Format, Write Flash etc, you don’t have to unplug phone and press & hold buttons to reboot phones into normal state. All this inferno do for you.
      • Restart Phones after every operation into Normal State
  • World’s 1st Added Qualcomm Custom Write Flash
    • Now we Allow users to write his-own Desired Partition.
    • This is very usefull to SAVE TIME
    • Now you can write All Partitions, or One Partition, Or more than one
    • Simple Tick which patitions you want to write.
  • ADDED More Support for Original MI Phones
      • Qualcomm MSM8996
    • Supported Functions
      • Read info
      • Read Pattern Lock
      • Read Flash
      • Write Flash
      • Format FFs

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