• Added:
    • samsung s6,s6 edge,s6 edge plus,note 5 koren model(S,K,L) imeicert write support.
    • samsung latest models DRK repair support. beta
    • OPPO FRP Remove on most models. (Via fastboot) check FRP_Remove(F.BOOT) in android tab. beta
    • QCOM new efs methods in GCMode_Method. Tested on few models with 5.x.x android os. root need.
    • LG Sprint Alternative SPC Read support.
    • LG Sprint Enable APN(debarring) option for user who want to test on there risk without using older updates.
      • Note: Use this only if you know what you are doing.


  • Improved
    • GCMod Method on new qualcomm. more safe more better then older method.
    • samsung knox bypass.
    • LG Sprint.
    • OPPO Method imei repair on most models.
    • samsung DRK Repair connection method.
    • qcom imei repairs now show repaired imei after repair on most supported methods at qcom tab.
    • samsung newqc unlock.
    • internal algo, app loading crash application some case.


Strongly recommend to use this version for all your task…


Do you feel it ?
Do you feel it ?
Feel The Difference With GCPro.

  • Caution !!
    • New versions may not work on some pc
      • if you have installed or running
        • any sniffing.
        • any usb monitor.
        • any usb sharing.
        • any usb trace.
        • any usb data protocol recorders.
        • any debugging tools.
          • Before running GCPro applications please uninstall all such tools.

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