Volcano MTK_V1.0K Best Ever PowerFull Virus Clean-Charging Mode After Flash for NAND

VolcanoBox MTK V1.0K  

  • Released For VolcanoBox Users
  • Released For Merapi Users
  • Released For Inferno Key Users




>>>>> What’s new in VolcanoBox MTK_V1.0K ? <<<<<

VolcanoBox 3.0 A.K.A. INFERNO MTK V1.0K

  • World’s 1st Added New Algorithm for Virus


    • eMMC Only
      • Very powerful Algo. added to remove viruses.
      • Tested those phones which Infinity Buggy team Failed to clean viruses….
      • if anyone needs contact me private for proofs
  • Added PowerOff/Charging mode After any operation


    • Nand (new) & eMMC

      • This is very useful specially for those phone which have battery inside. Inferno will automatically Force Phone to Leave Bootloader mode and come into charging mode.
      • You don’t need to press and hold volume and power button to force phone leave bootloader mode.
  • Fix MTK6573 flash serco and userdata failed while flash full.

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