GcProKey Update44 [World Exclusive Samsung IMEICERT Writing KNOX=1 Bypass] [19-09-16]








GcProKey Total update count 44 release [19-09-16]

GCPROGSMTOOL V1.0.0.0038 released.

World Exclusive Samsung IMEICERT Writing


KNOX=1 Bypass

What’s New

  • World First & Exclusive Added Samsung KNOX=1 Bypass..
    • (Bypass_Knox adb+root need)

      • Beta
    • World First & Exclusive Added support Samsung sprint LTE Enable while using sprint unlock with diag port.
      • Beta
      • This may work on many other models to enable GSM WCDMA LTE too.

        • Note This will skip protection in baseband for NG_SECURITY and COMBINATION NO LONGER NEED for IMEICERT Write.
          • S7 & newer may not work with such bypass.

    • Improvements

      • exynos unlock
      • imeicert write usb.
      • imeicert write.
      • LG sprint unlock debarring disabled till get resolved with new LG OS.

Strongly recommend to use latest version.

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