C5-03 Fbus cable featuring the incredible LPin

Here we go a proper C5-03 cable. Like I already explained it is important to understand that each of our cables are using it’s own mold. This is why we can guarantee a perfect fiting of the cable in the phone ( in case you don’t use GPGIndustries cables you can always get one of those YouTube – GPG FBUSTool Demo Video! Why you must have this product?).

To make things very clear and explain it in a few words… while others recycle their molds punching a couple of hole pin inside a old connector we are engineering a brand new mold (means 3D design, order the mold base, process the mold production, test sample, and mass production). The whole process usually take 10 days.

Because I want first to post pictures of Stock (cables going for final testing) and all videos of our 3 in 1 Exclusive cable (Only cable in market that can be used with all Boxes Cyclone – ATF – MTbox – UFS)

YouTube – C5-03 Cyclone Flashing Feat. GPGIndustries PRO
YouTube – C5-03 ATF Flashing Feat. GPGIndustries PRO
YouTube – C5-03 MT Flashing Feat. GPGIndustries PRO
YouTube – C5-03 UFS Flashing Feat. GPGIndustries PRO

C6-01 / C3-01 / C7Xpert (which was really challenging to do) will be released withing this week. I am waiting some stock ready to post pictures videos and all. Moreover some new products will be released within december.

Someone told me a couple of weeks ago… The good things with GPGProducts is they don’t have competitions… There is GPGProducts and others… We are proud of this and will work very hard to continue give you more and more and more.

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