Martech RCD PRO Tools V1.2 – more functions

RCD PRO Tools V1.2

– Corrected RCD510 support
– EXIT button function added while RCD510 reset mode
– corrected EXIT button function in SLOW MODE
– support for all firmwares in RCD310/510
– support for Skoda BOLERO, Skoda SWING : we wait for test feedbacks

– Poprawa obsługi RCD510
– dodana obsługa buttona EXIT w momencie resetu radia RCD510
– poprawiona obsługa buttona EXIT w procesie SLOW MODE
– obsługa wszystkich wersji firmware w RCD310/510
– obsługa pokrewnych radii typu Skoda BOLERO, Skoda SWING: czekamy na opinie z testów

MARTECH Products

GSM Sections:
MDM (Modem tools) Supported Models
QUL (Lg tools) Supported Models
VSZ (Sagem,ZTE,Huawei,Vodafon tools) Supported Models
ALC (Alcatel Tools) Supported Models
SIEM (Siemens BENQ service)

CAR Setions:
RCD PRO (decoding RCD310,RCD510 itd… sevice) Supported Models
RCD (Radio car decoding, over 1300 models supported) Supported Models
DST (Car dashes) Supported Models
SQM (Scooter, Quads and motors dashes) Supported Models

Laptops and batteries Section:
SBS (Bios & HDD password, battery repairs) Supported Models

Service Hardware:
Analyzer (Battery Analyzer, charger, tester, supplier) Analyzer
CLIP (dedicated for standalone applications) CLIP
Key (the cheapest usb dongle on the market) Key

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RCD PRO might be activated and run only on Martech Clip.
More new models is coming soon !

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