ATF 3720c RM-518 Fbus Full Flashing!!

ATF 3720c RM-518 Fbus Full Flashing!!


Here is ATF 7230 full flashing at 42 sec!!
First in the world!! 7230 RM-604 Full flashing only 42 Second!!

ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] official thread for UPDATES:…2010-a-937102/

ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] version 4.70 Update – Public discussion thread:

ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] Version 4.70 Update – Public Discussion Thread

ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] official web sites:
International –

ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] official support forums:
World Wide: Advance Turbo Flasher – GSM-Forum
Indonesia: ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher))
Philippine: Gsmph
Syria: Arabic Support (Syria) GsmVIP
Chinese support forum : ATF Box
Vietnam: Saigonmobile

The Master Piece

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