Hi to all,
This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 customers :

PolarSuite Update – Version 2.3.9


* Alcatel OT-708
* Alcatel OT-800
* Alcatel OT-Friends
* Vodafone 541

– Added Read Codes function (NCK and SPCK)
– No more fullflash phone for unlock procedure


Connecting …

Flash ID.: EC760000 , Samsung 64 Mb.
Firmware Ver. : 17H
Phone Type : 800X-2CTWGB1
Operator/Country : TESCO / UK
Language : FR EN DE IT ES
Phone IMEI : 351544-03-442181-0

Phone Connected Ok..

Nck Code : 4148730640
Spck Code : 0393172117

Insert Not supported Sim In The Phone
Power ON
Type You Code in Keyboard
Press OK Key
Calculated Codes…OK…

– Fixed OT-800 / OT-Friends flashing process (added support to new FW structure)
– Please, send reports to wendigo@polarbox2.net if any other error persists


* Samsung A877
* Samsung E1080T
* Samsung E1160

– Added support for unlock (Read Codes or Direct Unlock)

– Fixed little bug in communication with server (in Qualcomm phones)
– Fixed cable descriptions in this models (B100 S8000 S8003 M8910)
– Fixed unlock process in this models (C276L F200 T459)
– Added S8003 to list of supported models (we forget add last update)


* Motorola W177 (Boot and Service Via V3 MiniUSB Datacable)

– Format FFS
– Direct unlock
– Read functions (Fullflash, Firmware, Language, Flex and Eeprom)
– Write functions (Fullflash, Firmware, Language, Flex and Eeprom)
– Full Repair function (even with phones fullflashed)
– Working with baudrate up to 812.500 Bds

How to REPAIR phones with PolarBox (Killed or Software failure)

1.- Flash phone with Eeprom_Repair or FullFlash (if phone got corrupt Firmware)
2.- Make Repair
3.- Make Unlock (if is necesary)
4.- Phone repaired, unlocked and working

IMPORTANT !!!: We need increase our flashes database of this phones
IMPORTANT !!!: Please read flashes and send to support@polarbox2.net


* SFR 114
* SFR 241
* SFR 251
* SFR 114
* SFR 114

– Added Calculation Codes function (NCK and SPCK)

* ZTE A861

– Direct Unlock
– Read flash (Fullflash, Firmware and Eeprom)
– Write flash (Fullflash, Firmware and Eeprom)
– Working with baudrate up to 812.500 Bd

– Fixed rebuild button in Huawei U1205 U5705 (now is disabled)

PandaBox Update – Version 1.1.6



* Blackberry 6120
* Blackberry 6280
* Blackberry 6750
* Blackberry 7100i
* Blackberry 7130
* Blackberry 7270
* Blackberry 7510
* Blackberry 8130
* Blackberry 8330
* Blackberry 8350i
* Blackberry 8500
* Blackberry 8700
* Blackberry Gemeni
* Blackberry Niagara
* Blackberry Odin
* Blackberry Onyx
* Blackberry RIM 850
* Blackberry RIM 857
* Blackberry Tour


* HUAWEI L1220

– Added unlock support (Direct unlock via read codes)

PolarTeam Online Shop v1.0

Link Access : PolarTeam Online Shop v1.0

In this shop you will find all kind of products developed by our programmers team, this means all this products is
100% our work. All new items, software or hardware products that we finish and launch for sale, will be added here.


Now you can activate LICENSES or buy CREDITS in real time :

– Choose product that you desire to buy (license or credit fill) and add to your cart
– Shop will ask you for your POLARBOX serial, write in the form and verify is totally correct (8 digits)
– Select PAYPAL payment method and proceed
– Once payment is confirmed via PAYPAL, you will get your LICENSE or CREDITS in REAL TIME (this takes few seconds)

IMPORTANT NOTE (for cheaters)

We will store all Polar serials, this means if you make activation or credits and try to cheat or make any stupid action,
box automatically will be blacklisted and killed (with NO possibility of be restored again)


– Car electronics (Gadgets for car modifing and programming)

– GSM Development (Polarbox, Nanobox and BBbox stuff)

– Server / Web development

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