What`s new?

– added support for 9 new FW`s, all with new boot;

– added solution (in Do the Job function) for Test Poweron problem which appears after bad unlocking with another tools;

– added On-line calculator for ZTE S302 and Emporia life+ phones.

SagemEG Features:

1. Main function – Do the Job (unlock);

2. Read Flash (slow) – use it if phone could not be unlocked. Send flash.bin to support@sagdd.com. We will add full support for it.

3. Read Flash (fast) – use it if supported for unlock phone have unknown and active Phone code. Alter flash read you will get Phone code.

If no success, send flash.bin to support@sagdd.com. We will extract Phone code.

4. Repair – use this function if phone come with damaged IMEI 004999010640000 and no Backup_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.bin in your PC.

5. Restore Default Lock – this function restore security area backup created before any changes in it.

Attention!!! Backup file and SagemEG.exe must be located in same folder.

6. ZTE S302, Emporia Life+ Calculator – all explained in the Calculator window.

Why not direct unlock? Because access to Rx and Tx require phone disassembling .

SagemEG_V14.x requires single, unlimited paid activation!

Fastest and safest E-Gold unlocker.
All phones with old boot are supported also.

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