Update details:
1. Update Soft VER:V6.10 Update Firmware VER:V1.06

2. Update MTK soft platform V4.3d

* Add the LCD Pen Calibration Function “LCD Calibtn”
* Add the Phone Information Function “Ph Get”
* Add the New MTK CPU / Flash Chips detection Read / Write / Format / Unlock / Phone Book backup
* If there is “Badsoftware” in MTK: 6223, 6225, 6226 the platform can solve it directly.
* please select boot “4th Boot” to read write and format for the mtk6223 K5L2833 flash
* Increase K5L2833 operation tips and supports for cpu 6238 – 6239 – 6251 – 6253 chips
* improved 6239 “BUG” writting
* bug fix to 6235chip
* increased “6th Boot”
* modified the problem of 6235 data input and write.
* more supports to flash

3. Improved the scanning method.

4. modified the method of analysing boot leg

5. solved the problem of “out of connect” after scanning definition
(if still “out of connect” please press the “reset” key or click “scan”)

6. Define automatically after scanning.

7. Improved the function of “reset” key.

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