Hi to all,
This is the lastest Update for Nano-Box customers :

Nano-Box Update – Version 1.01.0

LG BL20e
LG BL20v

– Direct Unlock – WORLD FIRST (no patch – flashing)
– Simlock backup
– Restore backup
– Read/Write NV (fix network, charging, etc ..)
– Repair Imei – WORLD FIRST (no patch – flashing)
– Factory Reset


Unlock and Imei is REAL, no patching flashing. This means no loose data, kill or damage phone.
Complete flashing support will be added next update (step by step)

Samsung S8000
Samsung S8000m
Samsung S8000l
Samsung S8000b
Samsung S8000t
Samsung S8003
Samsung M8910
Samsung M8910i

– Added flashing support to this phones
– Amss, Apps, Rsrc1, Rsrc2 and Fac.FS files
– Flashing boot will be added next update


Server have “autolearn”, this means if you connect new version not supported, nano will read and send to server.
Aprox. 50-60 seconds, and do UNLOCK process again, server will be upgraded with this firmware version (NO NEED TO WAIT FOR FUTURE UNSUPPORTED VERSION )

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