TestBox2 44:LG2D, 15:LG3G, 45:Samsung3G – Models added

TestBox2 44:LG2D, 15:LG3G, 45:Samsung3G – Models added:

LG2D Infineon Another Unlocker: 39 models supported.
> Unlock, Read NCK, Read EEP, Backup EEP.
GB100 GB102 GB105 GB106 GB108 GB110 GB115 GB130
KE600 KE770 KE800 KE850 KE850A KE970 KE970GO
KG270 KG271 KG275 KG276 KG278 KG285 KG288 KG289 KG370 KG375
KP100 KP105 KP105A KP105B KP106 KP106A KP106B KP107A KP108
MG160A MG160B MG161 MG161A MG370

LG3G Qualcomm Another Unlocker: 15 models supported.
> Unlock, R/W NVM, Repair NVM, Country change.
L03A L600i L600V L601i L602i L704i U300 U310
U450 U830 U880 U890 U900 U8210 U8290 – by patch

LG3G Qualcomm Main Soft: KU990M added.
>Lock/Unlock. factory Reset, User code reset.
Factory Reset for set defoult & user code added.

Chinese MTK Tool Soft:

Added Fixx India Repair IMEI features.
Improved connecting time for both work with pinout finder.

Huawei Magic Tool v2.2 : Removed Statup DS option as wish users.

Samsung 3G Another Unlocker: Added SHA1 Models Unlock.
Now Supported 99 Models !!! 91 SysInfo and 8 SHA1 Models.
SysInfo – series:
A-series: A411, A412, A501, A551, A561, A701, A707, A717, A727, A736, A737, A747, A801, A821, A827,
F-series: F310, F318, F330, F338, F400, F406, F408, F400L, F480, F480T, F480L, F488, F490, F490v, F490N, F500, F700,
G-series: G400, G400F, G400L, G500, G508, G800, G808,
J-series: J200, J208, J630, J638,
L-series: L170, L400, L400V, L760, L760v,L760G, L766, L706G, L770, L810,
P-series: P960,
T-series: T649, T636, T639, T819, T919, T929,
U-series: U700, U700B, U700v, U708, U708B, U800, U808, U900, U900F, U900T, U900K, U900W, U900U, U908,
Z-series: Z150, Z170, Z230, Z240, Z240e, Z248, Z360, Z368, Z400, Z408, Z500, Z508, Z650i, Z720, Z720 MC Laren, ZV60.
SHA1 – series:
S-series: S8300, S8300T, S8300V,
M-series: M7500, M7600, M7600B, S5600, S5600V.

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