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Dear freinds!

I want to share today our new concept! We have been working since 6 – 8 month on some new high specs cables! We already get a lot of technical help from B-Phreaks (Danny), DM3 team, Karvos and many others developers who shared with us their needs of high quality cables!

This cables range will be ready by middle of November! It’s new structure is 100% new never made before…

We are dedicated to change this industry bringing always higher quality products! And believe me we have a lot of projects coming up!

Back to our Krom cables! I see you guys having a lot of imaginations but I know you won’t find what woul dbe this one!! Challenging isn’t it??

Once again if we have some winner to this questions we will offer some Credits in our online shop

1st get 200USD credit value on our Online shop –
2nd get 50USD credit value on our Online shop –
3rd get 10 pcs cable of his wish listed in our Online shop –

So guys reply this questions:

What could we bring to our cable industry that will dramaticly change the way we use cables?

We will make some banners within this weeks to help you get an idea of the Outlook of the cables! But this time the most important is inside . You remember what the cable were looking like before we enter in the industry? So you can say that you will have same feeling after we have release our KROM Cables

Best Regards


Click here to share your ideas


Friday, October 30th, 2009


Friday, October 30th, 2009

From Ver 17.71 possible make free unlock for all sagem phones !!!

Rapid Link for full setup:…etup_17V71.exe

SMTi Ver 17.71 Update Features for account with 25 credits :

– direct unlock (FREE)
– read unlock codes (FREE)
– clear user code (FREE)
– clear code counter (FREE)

Description :

– Unlimited free unlock dont take credits from account with 25 and more credits .
– All credits stay on account ready for use for other operation .
– For account with 25 and more credits flashing cost for Lococto and Calypso+HS sagem phones 1 credit cost .
– Flashing Locosto Phones – 1 Credit
– Flashing Calypso+HS Phones -1 credit
– LG3G take 1 credit
– HUAWEI modems take 1 credit
– Samsung take 1 credits
– HUAWEI Phones take 1 credit

Sagem Phones supported :

My100X My101X My150X,
My201X, My220V, My220X, My226, My226x, My310X, My230V, My231X
My210X My212X My214X My215X My200C My202C
My300C My300X My301X My302X My300L My312X My330V My332V
My400X My400V My400L My401X My401V My401L My401C
My401Ci My411X My411Xi My411V My411CV My421Z My433V
My501Ci My511X My511Xi My521X My721X VS4 VS5
MyX6-2 My-V76 My-E77 SG346i TCM303 Kpn C1
Vodafone 411 Vodafone VF526 Vodafone VF527 Vodafone VF533
Vodafone VF125 Vodafone VF225 Vodafone VF227 Vodafone VF228
GM-1 VS-1, VS-3 Wonu S3 my400z , my501c, my501x
myC-3, myC-3b, myC3-2, myC4-2, myC5-2, myC5-2m, myC5-2v, myC5-3
myV-55, myV-56 myX-4,myX5-2, myX5-2m, myX5-2v, myX-55, myX-8
myZ-5, myZ-55 SG322i, SG341i, SG342i, SG343i, SG345i
MW30xx, my100x, my200x, my202x, my213x
myC-1, myC-2, myC2-2, myC2-3, myC2-3m, myC-4, myC-5w
myS-7 myT-22 myV-65, myV-75 SG321i, WONU S-1
myX-1, myX-1t, myX-1w,myX-1wt, myX-2, myX2-2, myX2-2m, myX2-2g,
myX-3, myX3-2, myX-5, myX-5m, myX-6, myX-7

LG3G 2008/2009 Sec. ( 1 credit )

KU990, U990, KU250, KU380, U960, U370, U250, KE990, CU920, KF700,
KC910, KC910(2009), KC910(2009 Newest protection), KC910i,
KC910-H3G, TU915, KF310, CU720, U970, KU385, KE990c, KC910Q,
KU970, HB620T, KE990d, KF700-H3G, KB770, KF310-H3G, KU990d, KF701
KU990R, KU990i, KU990iGO, TU515

HUAWEI Modems ( 1 Credit )


SAMSUNG ( 1 credit )

A411 , A701 , A707 , A717 , A727 , A736 , A737 , A747 , A801 , A821 , A827
C130 , D840
E116 , E210 , E900 , E950
F200 , F300 , F330 , F338 , F400, F480 , F490 , F700
G800 , G808 ,
J200 , J208 , J630 , J638 ,
L400 , L760 , L760v , L766 , L76G , L770 , L810
S720 , S730 ,
T639 , T649 , T819
U700 , U700B , U700v , U708 , U708B , U900
X510 , X520 , X630 , X680 , X820 , X830
Z170 , Z240e , Z248 , Z360 NEW , Z368 , Z650i NEW , Z720 , Z720 MC Laren , ZV60

New version – LGI flasher – unlocker v1.60SC is uploaded at support sites in LG section.
LG GW300 unlock codes reading and phone reset added.Flashing is not supported yet.
GW300 can be connected using GW300 RJ45 cable-pinout info is in “GW300_RJ45pinout.txt”
file or using TP on PCB – look “GW300_GW520_TPpinout.jpg” file.Also GW300 RJ45 cable already
available from GPG.


Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Infinity 2 UFS Pro Convertor

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Hello to all

we release an unlimited version of our Sagem Unlock System !

Activate UNLIMITED SAGEM Unlock on Microbox

For activate Sagem Unlimited Unlock! You need 10 logs on your account and press the button “ACTIVE SAGEM” Or you can contact your reseller!

Then you will get this

Enjoy unlocking with Microbox !

New Cyclonebox firmware Released

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

New Cyclonebox Nokia firmware was uploaded to our server.

Signature: Cyclone Nokia Application v1.09, (Oct 28 2009 15:56:27, gcc-4.2.2, RTOS v5.2.0), Type: Signed Production Application, Flags: NoFlags

Upgrade your box as usual using Box Maintenance functions.
To enter box bootloader mode which allows firmware rewriting, re-plug it from USB socket.

Fixed problem when box failed to start sometimes after upgrade (Box is not in needed mode), and other little fixes too.
To all users who had non-starting box since last upgrade (especially HW A110/A111 owners), please upgrade it with current firmware and post results.

Each box have now 2 SecurityArea upgrade credits, and 3 MainFirmware upgrade credits. Should be enough in case of problems. For more contact me, Cyclonebox or Honey.

Update Feature :

To All SMTi Box owners :
-From Now have Free Locosto Unlimited Unlock for Based Account with 25 Credits
-From Now have Free Calypso+HS Unlimited Unlock for Based Account with 25 Credits
-From Now Locosto Flashing cost 1 credit not 2 for Based Account with 25 Credits
-From Now Calypso + HS Flashing cost 1 credit not 2 for Based Account with 25 Credits
-Huawei modem reducted to 1 credit like LG

Supported Models List For The New Update :

Sagem Phones ( LoCosto CPU ) :
– My100X ( New PCB )
– My200C, My202C,
– My210X, My212X, My215x
– My300C , My 312X
– My401C, My401Ci
– My411X, My411Xi, My411V,
– My411C, My411Ci, My411Cv
– My 433v
– My 511X, My 511Xi, My 528X
– My 521X, My 421Z
– My 721
– Vodafone VF526 , VF527 , VF533

Sagem Phones ( Calypso+HS CPU ) :

-my300X, my301X, my302X, my300L
-my400X, my401X, my400V, my400L, my401V, my401L
-myX6-2, myE77
-VS-4, VS-5
-my V-56 , my X5-2V
-my C5-3
-TCM303, Kpn C1

My150X , My220V , My220X , My226 , My310X , My230V , My231X
SFR 111 :
Vodafone 125, 125FM , 225 , 225FM , 226 , 226FM , 227 , 228
ZTE A301 , A35 , A36 , A37 , A39 , A61 , A62 , A65 , A66
ZTE A68 , A69 , A80 , A12 , A12+ , A15 , A16 , 135 , 136
ZTE V100
LG :
KG271 , KG276 , KG278 , KG285 , KG288 , KG289
KG370 , KG375 , KP100 , KP105 , KP105A , KP105B
KP106, KP106A, KP106B, MG160A, MG160B,
MG161 , MG370 , K3565 , K3715
Alcatel OT-E157 , OT-E158 , OT-E159 , OT-E160 , OT-E161
Alcatel OT-E252 , OT-E256 , OT-E257 , OT-E259 , OT-E260

ALCATEL U7 Series :Alcatel OT-E E101 , OT-E206 , OT-E201 , OT-E207 , OT-E221 , OT-E227
Alcatel S107 , S210 , S211 , S120
Alcatel T10CM
Alcatel V270 , V209 , V212

Example From SMTi Software Message After Phone Detection :
Found Phone, Phone Info:
– Phone Type :my721X
– Phone FW :ETN,EG: 300608 1422
– Phone HT :C5 32 07
– Phone IMEI :35197202041xxxx
– Prod. Code :254037469
– Board Type :m63
Boot Method: “HS Device” Autodetect
Operation Cost:
– Clear/Set Net Code :FREE (ballance >= 25)/1 Credit (ballance < 25)
– Change Firmware :1 Credit (ballance >= 25)/2 Credit (ballance < 25)
P.S. GP Method Work Only USE “SMTi Virtual Port(COM0)”
HS Method Clear User Code 1 Credit
For users that have Less than 25 Credits Server will take 1 Credits with same old basic
We never let our users upset or disappointed !! But we let them just satisfied

More still to prepair in our kitchen & more surprises comming soon !